Offshore Development Center

Now a days, companies are always looking for faster, cheaper & efficient ways to scale their business on bigger level as well as to generate more output & streamline operations. They want to increase productivity, complete work before deadlines, cutting down costs, consistent high performance, etc. But as we all know doing this in house becomes too time consuming, high in cost & while doing this it takes away more of the focus from the main business activities.

Now look no further, an Offshore Development Center is just might be the perfect solution you need to improve your business process& make them much smoother.

An Offshore Development Center is an integrated, extended & dedicated offshore team of your company located in the other country. It may belong to your company or either could be managed by offshore development organization. It offers the clients with the partnership of a competent pool of highly trained and experienced IT professionals with expertise in a wide range of skill-sets and proven technology.

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Why ODC?

  • Reduce costs in infrastructure.
  • Auto-scale your IT department.
  • Ensure reliable operations.
  • Ensure timely delivery of projects.
  • Provide technical support and retain knowledge.
  • Gain access to the best skills and technology.
Our Business

ODC Model

Here at Popway Software Pvt Ltd, we act as offshore development partners to companies, assisting them in establishing and managing their own offshore centers. We provide them access to the best resources without the typical challenges of offshore development. We follow our unique approach and practices, ensuring our clients can rely on the offshore team for both large and small projects. Our Business ODC Model includes the Dedicated Development Team Model, Fixed Cost Model, and Hourly & Material Model.

Dedicated Development Team Model
Fixed Cost Model
Hourly & Material Model

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